This page gives information and tips on writing articles

Manual of Style

All articles must be written in Encyclopaedia form. Articles should strive for past tense, but present tense is acceptable. Articles also should link to other articles, as well as follow other standards adopted by this wiki (see below). Everything on this wiki is written in Universe, meaning the world of Jonny Quest. This means, articles on things like Episode Guides, DVD sets, Toys, and Comics are all unacceptable here. Episode are referred to as 'Events'


Fanon articles fall into one of two categories, story objects, or events. Story objects is anything that could be a noun or pronoun. Characters, weapons, places, etc. are all story objects, and need to be properly categorized.

Events, are literally events that took place in the Jonny Quest Storyline. Event articles usually tell a story, but they still need to conform to the manual of style.


While Jonny Quest Fanon is mainly for fanon content, it also is open to canon articles. These articles follow all the same principles of fanon, but are different in a few ways. They should all be prefixed with {{canon}}, and need to have citations.